Tia’s Treasures and Pirate Pauls

A few months ago Tia’s friend Paul decided that he would like to get involved with jewellery making with Tia, Tia thought this was great and they soon became business partners,  Paul called himself Pirate Paul  because of his love of all things Pirate.

The pair of them would plan after school business meetings and they’d swap beads and charms, it was lovely seeing 2 Children so young working together and being so selfless.

Originally Tia and Paul were both going to fundraise for CLIC SARGENT and CHECT as you will know from reading the story on this website that these chosen charities were close to Tia’s heart but after a while Paul decided that he still wanted continue to work with Tia but to fundraise for Great Ormond Street Hospital as it was a  charity close to his heart, We thought that it was a nice idea to between them fundraise for 3 charities instead of 2 but this has lead to alot of confusion a few people thought that Tia and Paul were no longer business partners or friends but you will be glad to know they are still going strong and  the pair have already been discussing their next business meeting and ideas of what to create next.

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