The return of Sassie Gems

When Sassie Gems the shop that inspired Tia to create jewellery back in 2011 closed down Tia was rather upset, We couldn’t ever go to the shopping arcade without popping in to Sassie Gems, Sarah the Shop Owner used to donate various beads, charms and findings to Tia which Tia was always grateful to receive as well as selling Tia’s iTreasures within the store.

The other day we heard some news that brought a big smile to Tia’s face, Sassie Gems was going to return.

As soon as Sassie Gems relaunch we will be sure to let you all know the location, not only will you be able to buy various beads, charms and findings like before but you will also be able to buy Tia’s Treasures like before as Sarah has kindly offered to continue to support Tia’s Treasures.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Sassie Gems all the best for the relaunch and the future.

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