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Tia aged 6 2011

Tia’s Treasures began on 21st May 2011 when Tia was just 6 years old.

Tia started out by creating beaded bracelets and keyrings as Random Acts of Kindness for family and friends until she soon realised that she could turn what had started out as a hobby into a fundraising enterprise.

Tia began donating the proceeds from the sales of her “treasures” to CLIC Sargent Charity Registered Charity Number 1107328 and SC039857 and CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) Registered Charity Number 327493 as these charities had supported her Best Friend who had been battling Retinoblastoma since the age of 6 months and by the age of 8 had unfortunately lost her sight in both eyes.

Over a decade later Tia’s Treasures had raised not only awareness but also thousands of pounds for various charities, deserving causes and individuals via fundraising events and participated in many Random Acts of Kindness with the help of our official mascot Kindness Ninja Monkey.

Kindness Ninja Monkey

Tia’s Treasures are available to purchase from James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and The Louise Hamilton Centre in Gorleston On Sea with proceeds from the sales donated to James Paget Hospital Charity Registered Charity Number 1050406 and The Louise Hamilton Centre Registered as a subsidiary charity of James Paget University Hospitals Charitable Fund 1050406-5

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