Random Acts of Kindness

The Tia’s Treasures Team truly believes that kindness is contagious and no act of kindness is ever too small therefore we continuously participate in various Random Acts of Kindness alongside our fundraising and raising awareness.

Anyone who truly believes that kindness can change the world, who reminds everyone around them how much love there is in the world, who inspires hope and generosity with their actions as much as their words are our kind of people.

We have a dedicated team of Kindness Ninja’s of all ages with the majority being based in Norfolk and Suffolk and some slightly further a field.

We leave our sealed Random Acts of Kindness packs hidden for the general public to find as well as giving them out to those that we feel need a boost.

Our Random Acts of Kindness packs have been found in France, Spain and even USA.

The packs each include a handmade treasure which consists of a beaded bracelet or a beaded Worry Worm in biodegradable packaging and a rainbow themed packaging slip featuring the name of who created the Random Act of Kindness Pack.

Would you like to help the Tia’s Treasures Team continue to spread kindness?

If you’ve answered yes then maybe you would like to become a Tia’s Treasures Kindness Ninja?

To become a Tia’s Treasures Kindness Ninja follow the below steps.

Create your own handmade treasure.

Add one of our Kindness Ninja packaging slips (as shown above) once you’ve signed your name.

Place the slip into a bag along with your handmade treasure or attach the slip to your handmade treasure.

Seal the bag.

Either give your package to someone you know or leave it some where for someone to find.

Feel all warm and fuzzy inside for your Random Act of Kindness.

Repeat the above steps.

Don’t forget to visit Tia’s Treasures Facebook Group to share where you found your Random Act of Kindness

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