Tia’s Treasures Wristband Mission

Tia has a mission for 2013 as well as working hard with Fundraising to raise as much if not more than in 2012 Tia wants as many famous people to own and wear a Tia’s Treasures Wristband, 13 days into 2013 and already Jessie J has a Pink Wristband, both Tia and her Best Friend Demi are big Jessie J Fans, Demi met Jessie J and sang with her recently at a London Hotel and also Charlene Hart and her Daughter also called Tia have a Pink and Blue Wristband, Charlene appeared on Our TV screens on New Year’s Day 2013 on Channel 5 talking about diet,fitness and nutrition. Some Blue Wristbands are soon to be given to Members of the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation)

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