The Tia’s Treasures Team are RAKtivists as we truly believe that kindness can change the world therefore we participate in various Random Acts of Kindness alongside our fundraising.

A RAKtivist’ is short for ‘Random Acts of Kindness activist’, think of RAKtivists like kindness ambassadors and like all ambassadors they’re a part of an active, global community.

RAKtivists are everywhere, the student who stops to hold the door open for a teacher with her hands full that person is a RAKtivist, the commuter who offers their bus seat to an elderly passenger that person is a RAKtivist too,  the parking attendant who leaves a note on someone’s car, complimenting their parking skills you guessed it: RAKtivist.

Anyone who truly believes that kindness can change the world, who reminds everyone around them how much love there is in the world, who inspires hope and generosity with their actions as much as their words they’re a RAKtivist.

If you would like to nominate someone to receive a Random Act of Kindness from Tia’s Treasures please contact us using the form below, this could be for a family member, a friend or someone else that you think deserves a smile put on their face.

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